Nevergreen was a plantation, and the first base made on the server. It was owned by Nedril, who stayed at Nevergreen for the majority of his time on the server, while it was active. Originally a plantation, it housed many slaves for the first half of its life. After being lightly and moderately griefed, it had been repaired many times. After Nedril had left, metalcharizard had taken over ownership, and decided to expand upon it. He had named the newly renovated Nevergreen, NNG, which is short for New Nevergreen. It had a short, but healthy life as NNG, bringing in new players, and giving them a place to stay. It had become a thriving settlement. This was short lived however, and metalcharizard decided to blow part of it up. He left the server and the residents left NNG. When Nedril returned however, he expanded on it even more so, and it had become a base of great stature. When the conflict between The Demons and sasabud2003's team was occurring, RobTron9000 and Sreten, from sasabud2003's team, and Hydrosatanic and ATouchOfKiwi from The Demons, traveled to Nevergreen and proceded to grief and destroy it. While the greifing was taking place and the city was falling apart, Nedril rushed to his falling city and the 4v1 took place. It was then destroyed beyond repair by the four.