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Nedril was arguably the most important, and influential player on 6a6k. Nedril goes by many different names, and has had many name changes on 6a6k. From BibleBotII, to Nedril (which is his most famous), to 6a6k, to Skullgor, and finally settling on mutinied, his name has been changed. It has even become an inside joke between older players how often Nedril changes his name. Serverwise, he has created the first highway known to the server, and also the first map art. Known as the richest player on the server until December 11, 2017, Nedril had nearly 20 godsets, 11 gapples, 2 totems, and much more. This all changed though on December 11, when he was betrayed by his team, The Demons of 6a6k, and attacked in a 4v1. Nedril now lives his life much simpler, focusing on building things.