ATouchOfKiwi is an active player on 6a6k from New Zealand, currently teaming / basing with Hydrosatanic and RobTron9000, as well as allied with several other players.

Originating from 6b6t, ATouchOfKiwi originally started as an overseer at Nevergreen Plantation on the sixth of may 2017, with the overseeing of Jhonxay, who was digging a quarry. On the seventh, however, the decision was made by Nedril to disband the plantation after killing Jhonxay, after which ATouchOfKiwi and Nedril went and started the X+ Highway that currently extends 10,000 blocks from spawn.

After doing that, ATouchOfKiwi worked on the X+ Highway, extending it out to around 4,500 blocks (the rest was done by Hydrosatanic), then joined Hydrosatanic's old base on the third of june, which was around 40,000 blocks out.

On the 10th of July, ATouchOfKiwi started working on the Prismarine Farm alongside RobTron9000 and Hydrosatanic, although it was already around half drained at the time.

On the 14th of July, he paid a visit to the former base Nedril, who had left the server on the 26th of June, leaving a sign there.

Back at the prismarine farm, the spawning method used was found to be non-functional due to issues with Biome Bundle, so ATouchOfKiwi relocated to RobTron9000's old end portal base, which is now the end base of the team he is currently part of with RobTron9000 and Hydrosatanic.

On the 20th of October, Hydro, TFK, Rob and Kiwi worked on building the spawn coaster, which was later greifed by an unknown player.

Kiwi, Rob and Hydro later moved to Nevergreen, after its resurrection as an active base and community settlement by metalcharizard.

Kiwi was involved during metalcharizard's attempt at griefing Nevergreen on the 7th of November, stopping him after metalcharizard had damaged several buildings through the use of TNT.

[end of current session. i'm tired so i'm not going to do any more for tonight, will finish this up, and add video links and screenshots to this page at some point in the future.]

- ATouchOfKiwi

(Note - all dates are in New Zealand Time, as I live in New Zealand, thereby being nearly a whole day ahead of most other players on the server.)